Summer Relaxation Apartment Patio

If your renting like me, budgets are tight and most likely your outdoor patio is not being used or is in need of some TLC. With the summer heat and warm nights here in So Cal, being outdoors can feel like a retreat.  Instead of the usual tiny table and a couple of chairs, why not turn your patio into a cozy, comfy, get away.. hotel cabana style!  Put up a curtain for privacy and unsightly neighbors, some low furniture with cushions, an outdoor rug, and just sit back and grab a thirst quenching cold one!  For the night time, add hanging lights and lanterns and you've got a relaxing getaway in your own home!

Nothing held onto this patio stucco wall, so I created this wall art with black leather strings and tiny nails. 


Missoni Inspired Wall Art

This project was inspired by Missoni, an Italian luxury designer that has always been a pioneer in fashion and knitwear.  I love the colors, patterns, and details in the stitching each garment has.  It's definitely an art piece in itself!! With some colored strings and nails, I made it a focal point in a room!

Before and After (Studio Room Re-designed)

The old room was cluttered and dark with no life.  It felt more like a dorm room then a luxury apartment studio where she actually lives.  My good friend/client had always wanted a modern style room, but did not have a big budget to really go for it.  I helped her work with her $500 budget including her existing furniture/accessories, and this is what I came up with on a weekend reno!

(Before Studio Room)


(After Studio Room)


What a cute couple !.. Hope you love your new space Michelle :) Hearts !!